The Basics of Saving Fuel

Having a car is a big expense commitment and petrol costs account towards the overall cost for car ownership. Singapore ranks number 28th in the world from the article detailing the most expensive country when it comes to petrol cost, the top spot belongs to Hong Kong as of October 2018. Thankfully, Singapore is nowhere near the top 10, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do more to save on fuel cost. A little bit of information and determination will eventually accumulate to good savings. People often disregard comparison of fuel prices, and there are even motorists who purchase a higher grade of petrol than what is required for their respective vehicles.

Tips to save fuel - FWD Car Insurance

Compiled below is a list of the very basic things that you need to keep in mind to be able to save money on fuel purchases. The goal is to keep it simple, as there are other expenses we need to keep in mind as car owners, like car insurance for example. Let’s take one step at a time before we dive into other specifics, for now, fuel first.


Tips to save fuel - FWD Car Insurance

  • Reducing Fuel Consumption

a) Good to clear out the car boot

This is as simple as the fact that it takes up less energy to lift and move lighter things than it takes for heavier objects. Speaking in terms of cars, your car would use up less amount of fuel if it has a lighter boot than it will if you’ve stocked it up with things you never seem to really need. So get rid of the extra stuff that weighs your car down. It will burn up less fuel and will considerably decrease your fuel intake.

b) Rest is best for your engine and pocket

This is probably the simplest of all. Kids are taught this in school right from the beginning. Keeping the engine running, when you are not driving is a wastage of fuel and money. Say if you are waiting for someone to run to the store, turn the engine off if you can.

c) Take it easy, drive easy

Drive your car at a moderate speed. Accelerating and decelerating quickly takes up a lot of energy. It considerably increases fuel consumption. Keeping the car at a steady pace helps keep your wallet steady as well.


Tips to save fuel - FWD Car Insurance

  •  Finding Value for Money

a) Do some research before paying for fuel

When considering what brand and what fuel grade you choose for your vehicle, compare the prices of different brands before you make a commitment to any one brand. If you find out that another brand offers a better deal, consider switching to save money on fuel. Collect information about your vehicle and find out which grade fuel it requires. Getting a higher grade does not necessarily equate to better performance, but it most certainly equates to higher expenses.

b) Saving hacks through Petrol brand loyalty cards and petrol credit cards

Certain petrol brands offer loyalty cards for regular customers. If you frequent a particular brand, get the loyalty card as it comes with perks and discounts for the cardholder. Similarly, credit cards also offer similar benefits, to attract regular customers. Certain banks in Singapore have ongoing partnerships with petrol companies to offer customers discount on spending made on fuel.

A little bit of effort goes a long way, as every drop of fuel counts. With mindful practice, you can develop a good fuel-saving habit. The first step begins with awareness, wouldn’t it be great to share this first step with people around you?

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