Driving in the Rain Shouldn’t Be a Pain

Drivers have a mixed feeling towards rain. Imagine driving through light showers with the trickling sounds on your bonnet, good music and your ideal companion. How peaceful and relaxing. But wait, driving in the rain requires us to be on the alert and exercise some caution as well. Other than watching out for fallen branches, slower vehicles, flood puddles are another concern for drivers. Of course, having car insurance ensures some emergencies will be taken care of. Nevertheless, here are some extra safety tips for you, so you’re all set for the road, rain or shine.

Father fastening seat belt for daughter - FWD Car Insurance

  1. Buckle up, don’t stress

This is the first thing that drivers and passengers should do upon entering the car. Fastened seatbelts give everyone in the car, instant protection and sense of security. It might disrupt your awesome car dance moves on a road trip but it’s the right thing to do. So, do buckle up before you go on the road.


  1. Take it easy, drive slowly

It’s easy for good drivers to get confident and begin driving at higher speeds. However, it doesn’t matter how good and controlled a driver you are, driving in the rain reduces visibility as well as the car’s ability to react as speedily. Driving slow will reduce the likelihood of loss of control and skidding on the wet road.

Woman Driving a Car on rainy night - FWD Car Insurance


  1. Don’t tail, maintain a safe distance

Closely tailing cars, is never a good idea. On the wet road especially, tailing increases the chances of an accident. You’ve got nothing to worry about as long as you maintain a good distance between cars ahead and behind you. It means that other drivers have enough space to manoeuvre their way on the road, and it gives you space and time to respond to their movements too.


  1. Work those window wipers 

Rain falling straight on your windshield can compromise your visibility. Before getting out into the rain, make sure the wipers are working properly. You can only drive properly when you can see what is ahead of you on the road.


  1. Avoid sudden movements

Being an awesome driver in the rain means that you drive without abrupt braking, sudden turns or overtaking. Actions like these increases the chances of skidding because of the slippery road. So it’s better to keep calm and drive with caution.


  1. Tyre Maintenance 

Worn out tyres barely have any traction and create added risks for you on a wet road. Be sure to regularly check your tyres before driving, especially when driving in the rain. A little precaution certainly goes a long way.

Some things in life are better enjoyed with caution and calmness, but if the rain becomes too harsh remember to set up a few more extra precautions. Read more about insurance and flood-related damages, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected.

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