The Leap to an Expat Life With Your Family

Relocating to a new country, especially with your family is exciting, but it can be intimidating too. There’s so much uncertainty and lots to prepare for, from employment and immigration paperwork, language barrier, unfamiliar laws and regulations, to an unfamiliar landscape or a new neighbourhood. Moving abroad can be a very emotional journey, especially for those who are moving with their families. So, how can you prepare yourselves for the expat life?

This list can hopefully be useful to help your family with a smoother transition.


1. Research is key

The most important thing of all, when it comes to planning for moving abroad is research. You need to be thoroughly informed, as moving abroad is a life-altering decision which can affect you and your family’s future.

Research could include various aspects of relocation, from the country you plan on moving to, cost of living, language barriers, cultural differences, and to everything else that will matter to you. The research can help you plan for the day to day expenses you need to set aside as you’ll be living in a foreign country. It might also be useful to consult a couple of friends who are currently living and working in that location.


2. Selecting your new address

It takes careful consideration to choose a location ideal for your needs as a family. Here are some key considerations;

  • Public transportation options
  • Medical facilities & hospitals
  • Schools
  • Groceries and shopping areas
  • Distance from your workplace
  • Your neighbourhood
  • Fitness facilities
  • Entertainment and recreational places

Remember to consider the needs of every family member who will be relocating.


3. Be mindful of what your family feels

Often, we make choices based on the physical / environmental and financial needs of our family, but there are other needs including emotional, social and spiritual which may turn out to be more crucial to your family’s well-being, after the relocation happens.

That’s why it’s helpful to understand the expectations of each member in your family.

Children especially, may face emotional about leaving their friends and close relatives. In the new location, they may also struggle with fitting in, speaking the local language or finding a new group of friends. Try not to leave them out of the conversation as you get busy making all these preparations.

Constantly communicate with them and check how they are doing, or if they have the urge to voice out their feelings and other needs. When everything around us starts moving, it can be easy to lose track of the small meaningful details. Simply try your best to listen to your family and yourself too. Knowing how you can support each other in such times can be a great foundation as your family matures.


4. Prepare for the unexpected

Despite our best efforts to plan, life can still throw us uncertainties. You can take extra precautions like getting protection for your family. Insurance products like FWD International Health covers you and your family wherever your job may take you. You can enhance your plan with outpatient, dental and vision, and maternity benefits that your family can enjoy with you.

Relocating can be a meaningful learning journey for you and your family. Knowing how to face change together can make your bond stronger. By being prepared beforehand, you can sooner indulge in spending more time to do the fun stuff and explore your new city.


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