5 Creative Ways to Boost the Mind and Body

Did you know that mental health is essentially linked to physical health?

Managing mental health takes conscious effort. We highlight five creative outlets to give your mind and body the boost they need.

Exercising encourages the production of endorphins — a chemical that triggers feelings of happiness in the mind and body. On the other hand, the Mental Health Foundation found that individuals who indicated high levels of distress were 32% more likely to die from cancer.

While this reality may be jarring, there are creative options beyond simply exercising that can reap positive benefits for your mental health.

Draw or paint

Whether you’re a seasoned artist or an amateur doodler, drawing is a release that helps the mind focus on the task at hand — even if all you can manage are stick man figures. Alternatively, try colouring books or painting, both of which offer the same benefits as drawing.

Pen your thoughts

Writing is a powerful form of exercise for the mind. Start a journal to record your to-dos or to chronicle your dreams and thoughts. Better yet, incorporate this into your daily routine by setting aside 15 to 30 minutes to write each night. Over time, this could lead to a heightened sense of self-awareness and clarity.

Pick up photography

With the advent of smartphones, there’s no need to purchase a camera to pick up photography. Head into the great outdoors for a leisurely walk, making it a point not to check your phone incessantly.

Instead, focus on how the air smells, the sounds you’d typically tune out, and the plants or trees you’d usually pass by without giving so much as a glance. Capture these memories on your camera, and experiment with new angles to find the perfect shot.

Don your chef’s hat

Forget dinner takeaways; cooking is essential to control how much oil, sodium and sugar go into your meals. Start with a simple dish — such as chicken soup served with brown rice — then elevate your skills over time. If you’re stuck, a quick Google or YouTube search should give you the inspiration you need.

Make some music 

Playing an instrument improves the memory and stimulates the brain, leading to lowered stress and improved mental alertness. YouTube tutorials are an easy way to pick up some basic guitar or ukulele skills, but if you prefer some guidance, enrol for lessons in a music school. There, you’ll be able to choose from private or group classes to suit your needs.

Safeguard your physical health

With these creative ways of caring for the mind, your physical health will see an overall improvement in the long run — leading to a sharpened mind, greater stamina and a boost in your quality of life.

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