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Protect the most valuable assets in your company – your employees – with a comprehensive range of group insurance plans. Designed to suit the ever-changing business and financial objectives of employers and the healthcare needs of its employees, our customisable group insurance plans offer a wide range of coverage for death, disability and illness. As the first insurer to offer cashless inpatient admission, your employees will also appreciate a direct and seamless access to leading healthcare providers, such as hospitals of Parkway Pantai. We are always improving on our group insurance plans to ensure we stay most relevant to your current needs.

why us?

We are an expert in group insurance with a strong focus on healthcare insurance and provider network management. With over 10 years of experience in providing employee benefits solutions, our client base spans across a wide array of industries, including but not limited to financial institutions, information technology, manufacturing and retail. With a dedicated and knowledgeable team of staff, together with our medical management expertise, we bring the best of financial risk management and clinical expertise
to our clients.

Preferential Access

The FWD medical card provides seamless access to the largest network of outpatient clinics (GP and Specialist) in Singapore and 4 leading hospitals of Parkway Pantai.

Cost Effectiveness

Our preferential fee arrangements with network providers ensure cost savings for our clients. Cost efficiency can be further achieved through appropriate cost containment features.

Customer Service

Our team of professional and experienced staff is available to assist with any benefits or claims queries.


Our group insurance plans are specially designed and tailored to suit individual company’s needs.

Accurate Budgeting

We reassure our clients with pre-determined, fixed annual premiums to facilitate budget planning.

Ease of Consultations

No out-of-pocket expenses at panel clinics.

Elimination of Administrative Workload

Processing of claims payments, issuance of Letter of Guarantee (LOG) and other administrative details are handled by us.

Data Analytics

We provide utilisation and claim cost analysis to help client’s track medical cost and consumption trends.


our group insurance plans

Group Medical Insurance

Our Group Medical Insurance is a Full-Plan Integrated Programme that covers General Practitioners Services (GP), Specialist Outpatient Services, as well as inpatient treatments.

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Group Life Insurance

Life is full of uncertainties. Minimise the financial burden of your employees with our Group Life Insurance Programme if they are hurt by natural and accidental causes.

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our network of panel clinics

Our network offers a seamless and easily accessible panel of General Practitioners (GP), Specialists, Hospitals and ancillary services, such as radiology and other diagnostic services. We have the largest network of outpatient clinics located island-wide with approximately 900 GP and Specialist clinics including our affiliation with the Shenton Medical Group.

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