First policy to cover Zika virus, dengue fever
and ticketed events cancelled due to haze

SINGAPORE, 3 November, 2016 – FWD, Singapore’s only fully direct and online life and general insurer, has today announced the launch of Singapore’s first Personal Accident (PA) insurance policy designed for the modern Singaporean. The new product is the first ever policy to cover people in Singapore if a ticketed event is cancelled due to haze. It also has the most comprehensive infectious diseases coverage of any insurer in Singapore, including protection for the growing risks of Zika and Dengue fever.

FWD has taken a completely new approach to Personal Accident insurance by creating a product specifically to meet the needs of modern Singaporeans, who need reassurance that their financial obligations are protected should they fall ill or have an accident. This need is especially prevalent amongst parents. In addition to haze and infectious disease protection, it also covers damage of electronic equipment in accidents that also cause personal injury, and also insures people who wish to participate in adventure sports.

Abhishek Bhatia, Chief Executive Officer, FWD Singapore said, “As a new insurer, we believe there is a need to create a new kind of personal accident insurance that meets the needs of the modern generation, including young parents.

“Our view is that people should be able to buy tickets for events, without worrying about them being cancelled due to haze, and also be reassured that they are protected should they contract infectious diseases such as Zika or Dengue. We also want them to know that FWD has their back when they take on exciting challenges like rock climbing or sky diving.”

FWD has combined these key product features with comprehensive healthcare and financial protection for both injuries and accidents, as well as advanced infectious diseases and even common ailments such as food poisoning. It also covers adventure sports, from sky diving to rock climbing and scuba diving, ensuring people can enjoy adventures that life offers, without worrying about unpredictable risks.

Recognising that phones, tablets and computers are lifestyle essentials for people today, FWD will cover the cost of replacing them if they are damaged in an accident that also causes personal injury. FWD also ensures that people are financially protected from third party liability. For example if you injure someone when riding a bicycle or cause an accident when crossing the road.

Using FWD Singapore’s new online and mobile sites, people can select their personal accident insurance policy in under a minute. Furthermore, 90% of claims can be submitted electronically, without the need to complete any paper forms, ensuring that when you need to claim, it is dealt with quickly and conveniently.